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What Do You Consider When Hiring A Plumber?

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What do you consider when hiring a plumber? How do I know if they are good enough?

Plumbing incidents happen, pipes burst sometimes, and it happens everywhere. Many plumbers are only part-time and do not experienced enough to tackle some of the more problematic plumbing jobs. Malfunctioning hot water heaters, high pressure valve replacement, and severe clogs aren’t always easy to fix for a novice plumbers. Any plumber can change a tap or clear up a shower drain, but a lot of homeowners could do this on their own. It’s crucial to hiring the right Plumbing professional to make sure you won’t end up with a worse problem than you start with. Here are some things to think about if you’re looking for a plumber:

1) Always hire a licensed plumber

The plumber or plumbing company should have a valid license or certificate for your state or county. In order for a plumber to be licensed, they must prove they are able to fix a number of common plumbing problems. In essence, this means they’re able to tackle some of the more complex problems like installing parallel hot and cold pipes. Make sure you ask the plumber and plumbing company for proof of a valid license or certificate.

2) Always hire from an insured company

You have home insurance in case something happens that damages your home. Similarly, a plumbing company needs insurance in case they accidentally damage your home, whether it be by negligence or an accident. For example, a plumbing that damages your neighbor’s hot water line may pass the liability on to you if their company is not ensured.

3) Know your state’s building code

More often than not, your state has a set of regulations that all homes must follow. Make sure you have an understanding of what’s in the building code so that you won’t have to pay a fine when you refinance or sell your house.

4) Shop around

Check the prices of multiple plumbing companies or plumbers. Just like any other service, getting estimates from multiple sources ensures you’re getting the best deal possible. Compare the quotes and find out which is the best value. Make sure to consider taxes and service fees. It may be worthwhile to spend more on hourly labor if the job is shorter. You want the best plumbing Whittier CA has to offer.

5) Ensure quality

Make sure the plumbing is using good parts. Plumbers that use cheap replacement parts end up costing you money in the long run. A cheap part that needs to be replaced a few months from when you had it installed does you no good.

If you’re not going through a major remodel and only need a check-up from the plumber every so often, consider signing an annual or biannual service contract. This way you’re able to pay once and get service multiple times. If you have a small business, this can be an especially appealing option.

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