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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Santa Monica is Efficient and Effective

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Why choose to have your yard riddled with holes when you can just as easily hire drain cleaning in Santa Monica, a plumber that uses trenchless sewer repair, to handle all your plumbing repair needs?

If your home is like most people, it probably has several beautiful trees doting the landscape.This means that the root system of those trees is constantly probing for weaknesses in your underground pipes to trying to intrude.

This is particularly true for the lines that bring water into your home. These water lines present an expensive job. But more importantly, conventional repair methods are disrupted and can damage lawns, driveways, and even garages, if sewer and water lines are running beneath them.

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Why trenchless sewer repair is the better option

If you’d like to get on the no-backhoe bandwagon, then choose trenchless sewer repair and avoid having holes dug into your lawn and the future headaches that come along with it.

Sewers last for only a certain amount of years, depending on what the pipes are made of. Enter, trenchless sewer repair, a technique that came into being within the last two decades. But, be aware, because of its recent history, you might not be able to find much info on it if you experience an emergency and don’t have much time to research the topic.

There are two types of trenchless sewer repair: Pipe bursting and pipelining:

Pipe bursting involves inserting a new line of pipe into the old one. The force of the insertion pushes the damaged pipe outward as it progresses. Lateral access points are usually needed along the length of the damaged pipe. This method can be accomplished even if the damaged pipe has joints along the way, or some areas of the pipe has collapsed. That is, as long as the insertion pipe can be dragged unobtrusively through the damaged pipe.

In trenchless sewer replacement in Pasadena, a pipe liner can also be used to for this purpose. The pipe liner is a flexible, resin-coated tube that is blown or pulled into the damaged pipe, and then inflated to force the passageway open. After a few hours, the resin-coated liner will harden, which, in effect, will create a new pipe within the old, damaged one.

Even though the sewer repair contractor in Burbank techniques will reduce the actual capacity of your drain by a mere ¼ inch, industry experts agree that this is not enough to affect your sewer’s ability to effectively remove waste from your home.

The good thing about a lining is that it only requires one access point.

However, both bursting and lining are effective and durable, and both techniques come with warranties ranging from 10 to 50 years.

Also, both these techniques can be viewed as temporary fixes, instead of hiring a professional to re-route your sewer system altogether. They may cut the intruding roots, but those roots can and will grow back. In most cases trenchless sewer repair is a money-saver, but prices can vary from company to company. Things like soil type, the price of materials, and the depth of the sewers can affect the final price of the project. But, in most cases, the final price is cheaper than the conventual method, and it can be done without digging up your lawn.

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